About moi…

Thanks for coming to my site.  Assuming that you didn’t come here randomly (and even if you did) perhaps you’d like to know a little more about me.  First off, I’m a hometown Toronto guy now living in Waterloo and enjoying it quite a bit.

From an early age I was always attached to technology.  I was the kid who would take apart his toys to see how they worked and then was able to actually put them back together and they would still work.  Imagine!

I was also the neighbourhood bike repair depot.  My parent’s garage was always littered with various parts, my dad’s tools and at least one or more bikes in immaculate condition.

After finishing high school, I went to RCC (Radio College of Canada) which at the time was a fairly well known and reputable school for Electronics Engineering.  I believe the school was initially created to train soldiers who were heading off to war in the field of radio technology.  One of my teachers, Mr. Smiley (yes, his real name) was clearly ex-military, based on his teaching style and low tolerance for half measures and shoddy work.

After RCC, I was hired by Northern Telecom in Brampton for component-level troubleshooting of DMS-100 digital telephone switching equipment.  After Northern Telecom shut down the Brampton plant, I went back to school at the International Academy of Design to study graphic design.  While there, I worked part-time administrating their Macs, PC’s and SGI workstations.  When I finished, I graduated with high honours and was hired to be their systems administrator focusing primarily on networking and making Windows NT, IRIX and Mac OS work together.  I designed and implemented a complete re-work of their entire network.  I have the carpal tunnel in my right wrist to prove it.  😉

I left IAOD to start my own graphic design company with a few classmates.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as the partner designated to do the accounting was embezzling funds.

After that heartbreak, I ended up back at Nortel, this time in downtown Toronto working on CallPilot and various other enterprise level communications systems.  I was primarily designing servers and lifecycle management.  This was when Nortel essentially went out of business.

At the time, my director, who lived in Cambridge offered me a position at a little known company called Research In Motion based in Waterloo.  Being a “Toronto Guy” I wasn’t really interested but after interviewing and seeing what the position was about, I had to take it.  After commuting for a year from Etobicoke to Waterloo I took the plunge and moved out to Waterloo.

I spent eight wonderful years at RIM on both the Engineering and the Sales & Marketing sides of the business and was quite fortunate in getting invaluable experience in just about every aspect of the business: Project Management, Product Management, Device Certification, Business Development, Channel Sales, Contracts, Relationship Recovery and Development.  The experience I gained in those very quick eight years are probably equivalent to at least 20 in a “normal” work environment.

With the experience I acquired I decided it was time to scratch my entrepreneurial itch once again.  To make a long story short, after a lot of effort, money and added heartache I wasn’t able to make enough money to support my now growing family.

Now I find myself at Agfa Healthcare as a third tier support person for their Enterprise Imaging medical imaging software.